Cheranda Williams


Cheranda founded Honey Sparkle in January 2020. The company began as a Mobile Teeth Whitening studio, however, due to the growing Pandemic and the ultimate lockdowns to follow, she decided to move into the e-commerce beauty industry. In August 2020, Honey Sparkle expanded and the company started to sell lipglosses. After the success of the company's first launch, Cheranda then decided it was time to expand again. Since its inception, the company has expanded its products and sells various skincare products.

Email: [email protected]

Your Mission Statement:
To provide affordable, long-lasting and great quality natural beauty and bath products as well as dental products and services.

Your favourite quote:
“If you were born with/the weakness to fall/you were born with/the strength to rise” – Rupi Kaur

A weird fact about you:
I have Trypophobia

If your life was made into a movie. What would the title be?
The Sky’s the Limit